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How We Work

We implement Agile Manifesto principles throughout the process.

Individual and interactions over processes and tools.

A functional application over comprehensive documentation.

Customer collaboration over contract negotiations.

Responding to change over following a plan.

Our Services

Exim - Taxi Management System

The best software package for Taxi owners with accurate monitoring system (processing car driver's wages, collected cash, etc.), which will bring your business to a new level.


Babe Fertility Software

Since 2010, we have been colaborating with the sole owner and the main brains behind Babe - the art Fertility Clinic platform, Portuguese Cleodora Lda and Dr. Candido Tomás. Starting from 2022, we take over the administrative actions and seeking possibilities to expand the installation base of Babe outside Finland.


4D Customated App

We have been developing products that adapt to different customer needs since 1991 with our 4D software. The product family are diverse, from financial management, billing, to notification management, organizations, etc.