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1. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file stored on your terminal device when you visit any website. The purpose of cookies is that the storage company can update and use the stored information to ensure the availability and functionality of the website and the services on it. In certain situations, the user may be associated with cookie information. This is possible when a visitor gives information about themselves with their consent or when a visitor makes an application on our sites. Cookies are used to improve the user experience on the website.

2. Use of cookies on the Trafore website

In order to customize and develop our website, we collect information about how you use our website. We do this by using cookies, traces and other means. The information we collect through cookies allows us to determine how visitors to our site use our site and how long they stay there. We use this information to improve the usefulness and usability of our site, to provide customized content, to test and optimize the site, and to troubleshoot the site and its use.

We analyze user activity using aggregate data and / or web analytics solutions provided by third parties. These allow us to create user profiles based on anonymous information. We also generate statistics and data aggregation reports for internal use. Third-party web analytics solution providers may also create and publish aggregation reports of the data collected. Statistics and aggregation reports do not include information that can be linked to individual website visitors. We do not use cookies to identify you. We also do not associate your IP address with you or collect any information that directly identifies you unless you voluntarily send us this information.

We respect your privacy and are committed to the proper processing of your personal information. We have done our best to ensure the confidentiality, security and accuracy of your information. The processing of your personal data is carried out in accordance with personal data legislation and official regulations.

Also read the terms of use of the website.

3. Processing of personal data

When using our website, we may ask you for your personal information and process it if necessary, e.g. to target marketing, identify the customer, and deliver services, goods, and messages to you, for example. You may be asked e.g. name, username and password, job, phone number, address and email address. Unless required by law, we will not disclose your personal information to third parties without your consent for purposes other than those described above. Separate terms of use and privacy policies may apply to certain services.

4. Direct marketing

With your permission, we may send you information about our prices, promotions and other news about Trafore. To give you a better idea of ​your interests, we may also combine the information you provide with the information we collect about your visits to our website.

We do not share your information outside of Trafore for direct marketing purposes. However, if for any exceptional reason we would like to allow a third party to send you direct marketing messages, we will ask for your consent before sharing the information.

Typically, we will email you our direct marketing message if you have provided us with your email address. In some cases, however, we may also approach you, for example, by phone, text message, or mail.

If you no longer wish to receive our direct marketing messages, you can easily cancel your order at any time. Cancellation instructions can be found in every direct marketing message we send.

5. What kind of cookies are used on the website?

Trafore uses first-party and third-party cookies, which can be session-specific or persistent cookies at the same time. These cookies are used to improve the usability and functionality of the services, to collect usage statistics and to present multimedia content.

Session-specific cookies are stored on the user’s terminal only when the user visits the website. Session cookies are generally used to provide a service for each website experience.

Persistent cookies may remain on your terminal device after a session. Persistent cookies are used to improve the user experience. They help the site recognize your device and preserve your language settings when you visit the site again.

Third-party cookies (Google Analytics) are cookies created by third parties that we use for analytical purposes. These cookies improve the performance of the website, the functionality of the visit and help us to understand how our website is used, so that we can improve the user experience of our website and tailor appropriate services to the user’s needs. We use that information to improve our websites.

Learn more about Google Analytics cookies here .

6. How can I delete or prevent the use and storage of cookies?

You can change your browser settings to allow, block or delete the storage of cookies or to revoke your consent. Depending on your browser, click the links below and follow the instructions

If you do not want Google Analytics to view or access your data, you can install the opt-out software in your browser by clicking here .

7. What are the effects of deleting or blocking cookies?

Deleting or blocking cookies or their storage may remove certain functionality of our website, causing the user to have an incomplete browser experience, or to block access to the website.

8. Can this cookie policy change?

This cookie policy is subject to change due to a new legal provision on cookies or a material change resulting from the policy. Changes will be announced on our website.

9. Trafore is responsible for cookie guidelines published by third parties

Trafore is not responsible for the legality of the content, suitability and reliability of the cookie instruction in the above links.

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